Due to the size of your business and cost implications it might not be possible for you to have your own security department and this is where your business could benefit from one of Bradshaw Jones’s Security Consultants.

An experienced professional Risk Management Consultant could mitigate the risk to your company and greatly improve the overall security and operations of your daily operations.
Our owner will provide the right person for the particular client. Having the flexibility to match the consultant with the client and having the full backing and resources of the organisation available to them will ensure that the embedded security manager can provide the bespoke and client centric service required whilst integrating into your team structure and continuously building relationships.
Our project management team have the ability to navigate the different needs of each of our clients, this can be a difficult balancing act requiring adaptability, whilst other companies may agree to undertake a task that is untenable we will provide a realistic security assessment, if this means that we cannot solve our client’s problem then we will not agree to take on the responsibility as to our company’s integrity is paramount.

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