Hostile Environment


We provide Hostile Environment Consultants and Security Teams that have extensive experience in protecting clients globally. We often conduct detailed risk assessments and develop a bespoke protection strategy tailored to the threat that you and your employees face. Corporations both global and local face multiple threats that often lead to sabotage and theft of private and sensitive information in companies. With a comprehensive and bespoke security plan, our approachable and expert security consultants, operators or officers manage your employees and advise them and the company on risk management issues.

Intelligent Strategy Deployed in Africa, Asia, Middle East & Latin America
We deploy an intelligent strategy that will help sustain maximum security so that our clients can focus on their business without safety worries. Most of our plans are tailored to meet the myriad challenges faced globally by corporations and organizations across borders and nationally.
Before the client or the company deploys these security teams to hostile regions we also provide bespoke training solutions and HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training). These are elaborate programs conceived to attain the maximum leverage when it comes to achieving safety for individuals and high value assets and organizations. Much like assessing high level threats in organizations, our teams of experts always assess the hostilities in the environment or among employees in a team or an organization.