As a result of many years of experience Bradshaw Jones Security now secure businesses of all sizes 24 hours a day, our security officers provide a proven, effective visual deterrent to would be criminals.

We are aware of the fact that an unusual image of security can portray negativity about a company and that is why every effort is made for our static security teams to blend effortlessly into your work place by providing a professional reassuring approach that ensures every visit is remembered for all the right reason, our effective and efficient nature makes it easier for our clients to reflect an image they are always trying to achieve in the eye of the public.

Who would benefit from our manned guarding service?

  1. Industrial sites
  2. Factories and warehouses
  3. Corporate offices
  4. Shopping centres
  5. Premises that have previously been targets of crime

Electronic security systems can be successful in reducing crime but a highly trained security team can provide an effective physical deterrent and respond to emergency incidents.

As well as performing their standard security duties our teams will also provide:

  1. Access control
  2. Reception/Concierge Services
  3. Interior patrols
  4. Exterior patrols
  5. Emergency incident response
  6. CCTV monitoring