Residential Security

Residential Security Northern Ireland & London

Bradshaw Jones Security Limited delves into residential security in a comprehensive way. Residential security is a much ignored area that is often overlooked and given sparse consideration. Understandably, people often rely on automated systems and believe private officers are not needed in the action plan! But incidents in recent years have shown how residential security remains a very important aspect that is hard to miss. If simple precautions are taken into account then small to large security breaches can be avoided successfully.
Bradshaw Jones Security Limited offers Residential Security Teams (RST)with Close Protection Officers in charge of security and safety. These teams provide a safe living environment for clients and their families. The company works with security officers to devise a bespoke security plan that protects all homes discreetly without others noticing! This plan works in tandem with covert surveillance 24/7, 365 days a year!
We also imbibe advancements and developments in crime and criminal methodologies that help in highlighting lapses in security and domestic surveillance. Our teams of residential security experts work all the time to keep clients and their families safe.

How to we devise an effective residential security plan?

  • When the situation dictates, we identify and isolate the risks and threats, vulnerabilities and actions necessary for effective risk management strategies. Our consultants install security equipment and oversee the installation process so that the entire security plan is covered.
  • Our extensive service in this area gives us a unique understanding and appreciation of sensitivity in offering a service that is affordable and effective, not unobtrusive and polished at best.
  • Our team of residential security experts keeps the well being of your family as the highest possible priority. With a semblance of normality, we go about ensuring peace and safety at your home!