We at Bradshaw Jones Security Limited are experts at international risk management. We are subject matter experts that help in securing your business from operational and outside risks. Our management team is adept in offering security consultants for clients in the UK and globally. We have implemented risk management procedures across businesses and companies at competitive prices.
We offer strategic service to a wide variety of business and services. We meet our clients’ needs with globally accepted risk management ideals. These services include the risk assessment and specification service along with the risk management process. We also offer the tools that are needed to identify, assess and mitigate operational risks. Our experts in risk management are security consultants that have varied experience in every sector of the security industry. With considerable expertise in private and collective security, risk management attains a higher level at Bradshaw Jones.
We have proven abilities in security analysis and are adept at developing risk mitigation strategies after close working relationships with clients and partners. Our long term business partners trust our focused and lucid advice that is critical in ensuring company safety. Securing the trust of our partners is crucial part of the overall security strategy at Bradshaw Jones.
Why should you have a comprehensive bespoke security plan?
A bespoke security plan is unavoidable today. Comprehensive threat and risk analysis is critical to any organization’s overall security plan. We offer experience at the highest levels and carry out security analysis and procedural review at all levels of a company. All our private clients and organizations are beneficiaries of this process.
We create a security plan that makes independent and objective assessments structured to identify the threats posed to a company. We assess the vulnerabilities and threats in a case by case method and combine a unique and innovative approach to risk management. Our strategies are in an actionable format easy for corporate and personal teams to understand.

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